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Ann Landwehr
New Review "LaCouir is the complete package, offering fitness training and massage under one roof. After getting to know your strengths and weaknesses, he tailors workouts specifically to you and uses what he sees in workouts to inform massage and visa versa. LaCouir has a gentle way of motivating that we can't do on our own at the gym and designs workouts for at home between sessions that maximize results. We feel like we're getting the most of the time and money we spend on wellness by using LaCouir as a trainer and massage therapist." -Ann and David Landwehr
Allie Schjoth
Best Massage in Madison Review of Lacouir Yancey Lacouir did a fantastic job and was very attentive to my concerns regarding my tension and stress. He was comprehensive during his massage and gave me excellent feedback on what he found during the session. I walked away feeling like a whole new person! I will definitely be back again - thank you!
Amazing Such a great massage today! I have had neck and back issues and feel on the mend after my appointments at Y massage! His attention to anatomy and range of motion is a plus! It also is amazing to take 60 minutes and check out from it all. O When you're done- you feel like you are ready for anything!
Christian Grooms
New Review 2 “New to the art of yoga, I found this beginning series to be a fun experience, as well as a wonderfully challenging introduction! With Shannel’s depth of the material, exquisite instruction and her intuitive understanding of how people learn, I have been able to feel and understand the essential connection between my mind and my body. I didn’t realize just how important proper breathing and alignment are within my daily life and now see the true potential of a continued practice.  I can honesty say that, this class has opened me up physically and mentally while changing my life in the process.” -Christian A. Grooms